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Joyce’s Voice…,Buying and Selling a House during the winter months can be a PLUS!

Joyce's Voice...,Buying and Selling a House during the winter months can be a PLUS!

Think about it! So many sellers think they should wait until Spring to put their houses on the market. Typical real estate wisdom states the spring summer months are the hottest selling months of the year, because families with children prefer to move into their new homes before September. This may be true to an extent but one thing to keep in mind is that when you wait to Spring or Summer to list your house you will have much more competition and that is not a plus when you are selling. Even though there are fewer buyers and sellers out there right now, those who are active tend to be highly, highly motivated.

Buyers remember that the sellers who are willing to clear the whole family out of the house when everyone else is having warm fuzzy holiday gatherings are motivated to get their homes sold – and ready to entertain your offer to make that happen. Also seeing a house in the winter months will allow you to see how it holds up in the worst of weather. Don’t wait until Spring to buy and sell, now is the best time of the year to get your house on the market and get it SOLD!